Seeing that first snowfall after a hot summer is always a magical sight. Unfortunately, the first big snowstorm that follows reminds us that we’re not as prepared as we’d hoped. Are the shovels still in good shape from last year? Is there enough ice melt to last the season? What happens if we get snowed in this season? These questions run through everyone’s mind when they see those first few flakes. Whether you’re a business with customers visiting regularly or need extra help at home, you need professional snow removal service. McCoy’s Property Services is that company! Here are five reasons why our services will save you time and money this season.

1. Avoid Injuries: Shoveling snow takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you have a large area. Snow gets packed in; when you lift the shovel, it’s a considerable amount of weight each time. You can shovel smaller amounts that will take you longer to do or risk personal injury trying to get it done fast. On top of that, snow is slippery. You never know when there’s a layer of ice hidden underneath. With a professional company, you won’t be risking your health trying to handle it all yourself. We have special equipment and a team of workers to get the job done fast and efficiently.

2. Maintaining Equipment: McCoy’s Property Services maintains the equipment we use for each job. Before each season, we perform regular checks and maintenance on our shovels, snowblowers, plow trucks, stocking up on rock salt, etc. so they’re ready for the upcoming winter. If something needs to be fixed or replaced, it’s done quickly so we’re prepared for our clients when that first storm hits.

3. Convenience: Have you ever had to scramble to get the driveway snow and ice-free to get to work? What about getting as much of the parking lot cleared before opening your business? When you hire us, we will determine the best time for us to come out based on the amount of snowfall. For example, once two inches have accumulated for a business, we will come out and clear the parking lot. We will also determine a spot where you would like the snow piles to go, so it’s not affecting the property’s flow.

4. Time-Saving: Shoveling on your own or even with a second person can take a lot of time. We are trained with each one of our machines to get the job done fast, but effectively.

5. Cost-Effective: There’s a misconception that snow removal services are a “waste of money.” While you will be paying for our services, it’s very little compared to how much money you might lose not being able to go to work on time or at all. Not to mention, if the parking lot of your business isn’t cleared out, customers won’t visit your establishment.

Don’t get caught off-guard this winter by the snow and ice. At McCoy’s Property Services, we take pride in making sure each of our clients stays safe. Contact us today to set up your snow removal schedule!