An excavation project is not something that just anyone can do. Even small projects need to be done with care. While it seems like you’re just digging a big hole or moving dirt around to level out the ground, it’s still a huge undertaking to do the job. This is why a good excavation contractor is extremely important. They have the proper training and equipment to handle the project, including being able to work around what’s under the ground like pipes. If you’re considering having an excavation project completed, here’s how you can decide which contractor is the right one for you:

The Right Experience: With how specific excavation is looking for a contractor who has a ton of experience can be a little difficult. Most of the time they’ll offer other services as well such as landscaping, seasonal maintenance, and more. A contractor with five years of excavation experience is ideal, but not always possible. Do research on the company. Check out their reviews to see what other people have said about their work. That will be the best way to determine how much you can trust the company.

Check for the Right Equipment: Very few companies will have pristine vehicles to work with. They’ll clean them regularly, but their previous jobs will usually show on the vehicle. What you want to watch out for is equipment that looks like it’s extremely old, worn out, or rusted. This could severely alter the project, or draw it out because of how delicate the machinery is to use.

Match the Project with the Contractor: Not every excavating contractor can do the job. If excavation isn’t their main service, they may not have the right equipment to handle a full residential or commercial project. On the flip side, strictly commercial excavators might have equipment that’s way too big to fit in a residential area or smaller business. This is another opportunity to do research on the company, especially if they have a gallery on their page of previous projects.

Look for the Papers: No matter what, always look for insurance papers and documents that the company is certified to handle the equipment and do the job correctly. Those papers ensure that you will not be at fault or be forced to pay extra if something happens with the project. They also prove that the company has gone through the proper training to be able to handle the job.

At McCoy’s Property Services we’re dedicated to making every project a success and every customer happy. If you’re ready to get started on your excavation project or want more information, contact us today!