The integrity and longevity of your home are determined from the very beginning of the build. You’d be amazed how much of a small slope can damage the structure down the line. Land grading is the key to keeping your home safe because it helps slope the ground in the right direction. Even if your house comes out perfect, over the years, the soil surrounding the home can develop grading issues over time. Here’s how land grading could save your home and your wallet (in the long run).

What is land grading?

When a slope or a hill is in the correct position, water can flow away from the house, protecting it from any structural damage. Over time because of the ground settling and other natural occurrences, such as erosion, that slope might get compromised. This means that the water will start flowing towards the house every time it rains, the sprinkler turns on, and more. Land grading will fix the slope to redirect the water away from the building again.

When should you land grade?

Grading issues can be subtle. You might not realize there’s an issue until you start noticing leaks forming in your house. This can happen because of slow soil erosion over time, weather damage, or even a result of landscape installation. The sooner you get the issue fixed, the better.

How will the grade be fixed?

This is where McCoy’s Property Services can help out. There are a few different ways to redirect the water. When it’s caught early enough, the solution might be as simple as reforming or adding new soil to the hill to change the slope. Other issues, such as settling dirt, tree removal, and damage from animals, might need more than just adding in some new soil. Rest assured, we can fix your land grading issue no matter what has caused it!