Snow Removal

Snow and Ice Management in PA

At McCoy’s Property Services, we provide snow plowing, snow removal, sidewalk clearing, and ice management services in the Pennsylvania area.

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Our Services

Snow Plowing

We service all sites 24/7 to ensure safe operations. We have all the latest equipment ranging from large loaders to ATV’s, making sure we have the right equipment for the job. We clean along all curbs and leave no pavement covered in snow, which helps in reducing potential hazards and liabilities.

Snow Removal

After a large storm or multiple smaller events, parking can become a problem due to snow piles. During a site evaluation, we will suggest locations to relocate snow piles on-site or remove the snow off the site completely. Once snow piles get high enough, street signs, pedestrians, and other vehicles are impossible to see and create dangerous conditions. We take care of these issues to ensure your operations run smoothly and safely.

Sidewalk Clearing

We include sidewalks and walkways in our operation. Once our staff arrives at your property, they will be using a sidewalk or walkway to the entrance, so leave it to us to have it cleared and safe for operations. Whether you’d like a broom attachment, snow blower, or plow to be used on your sidewalks, we can cater to you and your property efficiently.

Ice Management

We offer a variety of ice management services. We can pre-treat properties, including all sidewalks. We also use liquid application with salt brine. Both of these reduce the packed snow and keep accumulation low. We all know we get some of the worse ice storms in the country. We pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the ice-clearing game as and when the snow starts to build-up.

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